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                  Welcome you back!
                  • 382W Moving head hybridBack

                  • Model: Mega Plus 382
                  • Voltage:  110-240V,50/60Hz
                  • Bulb model: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 382W
                  • Effect wheel: 
                  • Color wheel: 13+1
                  • Gobo: 
                  • Power: 540
                  • IP lever: 20
                  • Voltage: 
                  • Size: 23KG
                  • Function: beam, spot, wash, zoom
                  • Carton size: 540x450x650 mm
                  • {$title}

                  The Megaplus 382 beam spot 3 in 1 moving head light was launched in 2020. It uses the OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 382W light source, which is a high performance smart pattern beam light; it adopts a high transmittance optical lens, and the beam is thick and strong. Two gobo discs, one of which is interchangeable and rotatable. The diameter of the rotatable gobo is 22mm. The large size LOGO film can engrave complex LOGO, which can be satisfied with the engraving of various complex LOGO; rotating prism disk 1: 8 prism, rotating prism Disk 2: 6 prisms, two disks can be superimposed, zoomable, and a variety of different prism effects can be derived. Products can be used in small and medium-sized performances, conference multi-function halls, entertainment bars, banquet halls, dining bars and other places.

                  382W Moving head hybrid

                  Channel Mode:19CH

                  Light Source 
                  OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 382W

                  Voltage: 110-240V,50/60Hz

                  Power: 540W

                  Light Source life: 2500 hours

                  Color temperature: 7000K


                  Optical System
                  Advanced optical system, uniform pattern, sharp beam and clear edge.

                  Beam angel : 2.5~35°

                  GOBO Wheels
                  Fixed GOBO :  13  GOBO  + white

                  Rotation GOBO 7 GOBO(3 pcs color pattern)+  white

                  Rotating GOBO diameter is 21.8mm, effective diameter is 16.5mm,, GOBO is thickness 1.1mm.

                  Color Wheels
                  13 color +white


                  Prism System
                  Rotation GOBO 1: 8 facet prism
                  Rotation GOBO 2: 6 facet prism,(Rotation GOBO 1 and Rotation GOBO 2 can layer,can zoom)


                  Control & Screen
                  Display: LCD  touch screen display,  screen display, can reverse 180°
                  Control way: Support DMX512, RDM,automatic run.
                  USB: It supports setting address code in case of no power supply and can be used as external interface for software upgrade.

                  PAN & TILT
                  Pan :  540°;  8Bit/16Bit ;

                  Tilt  :  270°;  8Bit/16Bit ;

                  XY axis with automatic error correction system.
                  The traditional hall positioning system is replaced by magnetoelectric positioning system.
                  It is not affected by lampblack, dust and natural light, with higher precision and reliable performance.

                  DMX Signal input port: 3 pin

                  With integrated hook


                  Size & Weight
                  Product size: 410x250x690 mm
                  Flycase: 930x520x910 mm
                  Carton: 540x450x650 mm
                  N.W: 23 KG
                  G.W: 26 KG( With carton )