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                  Welcome you back!
                  • 470W Mega Lite Moving Head,Moving Head LightsBack

                  • Model: MEGAPLUS480
                  • Voltage: 110-240V,50/60Hz
                  • Bulb model: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 470W XL;
                  • Effect wheel: 1 animation gobo
                  • Color wheel: 11 colors+2700K +3200K+white+CMY
                  • Gobo: 1 fix gobo+1 rotation gobo
                  • Power: 600W
                  • IP lever: IP 20
                  • Voltage: 
                  • Size: 24.5
                  • Function: 28
                  • Carton size: 540x450x650 mm
                  • {$title}

                  Megaplus480 is a fully functional 3 in1 moving head light. It debuted at the Shanghai exhibition in October 2019 and was highly praised by customers . This hybrid moving head light uses the OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 470W L light source with high brightness and long focal length, the front group of light emitting lens is 160MM, and the new optical system makes the small angle smaller and the large angle larger.
                  There are more prism effects. There are two layers of prism wheels and 6 prisms, which can be superimposed to produce up to 15 different prism effects; dynamic effect wheels, which can produce more dynamic patterns; CMY  color mixing, can make the color transition smooth; easy to plug and replace Rotating the pattern plate can quickly change the pattern plate. More detailed features can be viewed in the following video.

                  Youtube Link:Megaplus480 video

                  480W Mega lite Moving Head

                  Mode NO MEGAPLUS480
                  Channel Mode:34/39CH
                  Light Source
                  Lamp: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 470W XL
                  Life time:1500Hours

                  Optical System
                  Advanced optical system, clear, sharp 
                  Zoom range 2.5~45°

                  Gobo Wheels
                  Static gobo:   14 gobos + white.
                  Rotation gobo:   9 gobos+ white, changeable;
                  Animation gobo: Could be used by separately or combined with other gobo

                  Color Wheels
                  11 Colors+2700K +3200K+White+CMY Prism

                  Prism System
                  Rotation prism wheel 1 :8 Facet prism+ Linear 6 facet prism +cylindrical prism 
                  Rotation prism wheel 2 :8 Facet prism+ Linear 6 facet prism +doule layer prism
                  Prism wheel 1 and Prism wheel 2 can overlay

                  Control & Screen
                  Display: Color display,4-touch buttons
                  Protocols: DMX512, RDM
                  USB connector can set DMX address with power and upgrade the software.

                  PAN & TILT
                  Pan: 540°; 8Bit/16Bit 
                  Tilt: 270°; 8Bit/16Bit
                  Automatic Pan/Tilt position correction
                  Magnetic sensor position lock, more accurate than classic optical sensor 

                  Electrical Info
                  Input voltage range: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
                  Power consumption: 600W
                  Power connector input 
                  Data in/out: 3-pin and 5-pin XLR

                  Size & Weight
                  Product size:   410x250x690 mm;
                  Flycase:  930x520x910 mm;
                  Carton box:  800x420x500mm;
                  N.W: 24.5 kg;
                  G.W:  29 kg(carton box).
                  G.W:  86 kg(Flycase).

                  1.Power Cables

                  2.safety cable


                  4.User manual

                  5.Hooks( integration)



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