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                  Welcome you back!
                  • 9R Beam Moving Head,Beam 260 Moving Head,bigger than 230 beamBack

                  • Model: Nex-260
                  • Voltage: 110-240
                  • Bulb model: Japanese lamp
                  • Effect wheel: 0
                  • Color wheel: 14colors+white
                  • Gobo: 14gobo+white
                  • Power: 380W
                  • IP lever: 20
                  • Voltage: 
                  • Size: 17KG
                  • Function: 
                  • Carton size: 585*465*425mm
                  • {$title}

                  Nex260 ,260W beam moving head light has made many improvements over the original moving head beam 230(7R beam moving head light) . With the progress of optical technology and electronic components,products have the advantage of backwardness in upgrading.
                  Add one rainbow effects and 2 prism.Lamp power up to 260W,
                  compare with 230 beam , it is a little brighter .

                  Because it use new tech ,the Pan Til movement sound is better than 7R beam.

                  1.Lamp Color Tempreture:8400K;
                  2.Lamp lifespan:2000hours;
                  3.14 color+white;
                  4.14 gobo+white;
                  5.16facet prism+18facetprism(6+12double layer)
                      2 prism can over lay;

                  7. Colorful prism effects.

                  Click here  for video 260!!

                  Click here for other all XMlite

                  9r Beam moving head

                  Mode NO :NEX 260

                  Channels Mode:16CH

                  Light Source 
                  Lamp: Japanese lamp 260
                  Lamp lifespan:2000hours;
                  Total power:430W
                  Lamp Color Temperatrue : 8400K;

                  Optical System
                  Beam angel:3.8°;

                  Gobo Wheels
                  14 colors+white

                  Color Wheels
                  Fixed gobo:14gobo+white

                  Prism System
                  16facet prism+18facet prism(6+12double layer);

                  Control & Screen
                  Display:1.7inch Screen display

                  PAN & TILT

                  Size & Weight
                  Product size:368x267x540mm;
                  Carton box:590*470*430mm;
                  G.W.: 21KG(catron).

                  We also producing:

                  LED Beam Moving Head,17R Moving Head hybrid(also named moving head  350W 3 in1 ),260W Beam Moving Head Light(new genaration of 230 beam light ,280W Beam Moving Head Light(also be called as moving head beam 10R), and other etc Moving Head LightLED wash moving head light .Since 2018 year, we started to launched LED PROFILE ( framing light).Full products series make our customer can occupied more market in his country

                  Why choose XMLITE

                  XMlite is fast developing company

                  In March 2010, XM only have 210 square meters factory on the ShiJing town. As the fast development, XM become to 750 , In 2010 July. However, when the time arrived November 2011, XM have another chance of become bigger again. Plant size enlarge to 2200 m3.The worker, as well, grows from 20 to 50. On 2013 year, we have arrive 120 staff, and 6000 square meters.Until 2018 years, the factory size have been 8000㎡

                  XMlite a reliable factory
                  XMlite is the first factory, who take 3 years guarantee as the after sell service. In China, there is over 100 user scenarios, In worldwide, there is over 62 countries have customers. XM have full range of moving head light,includeing beam moving head light,hybrid moving head light, LED wash moving head light and LED profile moving head light.. XM try to maximize the sales. XM only sell the product he own produce.

                  High Quality of the raw material , make the stable product
                  XMlite ‘s market position is high cost –effective. Every spare parts picked up from highlevel supplier. The mass purchase quantity make our spare part’s cost is lower than our competitor. Low cost enlarge our sale amount , sale’s increase regurgitation-feedingour cost.
                  XM have professional research group , skillful engineer .Perfect qualityand good after sell service , will be bring profit for customers. XM alsoaccept the OEM service ,which have good reputation during all customers.

                  XMlite is one of the biggest moving head beam producer factory in Guangzhou.
                  We have customers from all over the world as following:
                  Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, France, Greece, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sri-lanka, Turkey, U.S.A , Russia and Vietnam and other many customer from 62 different countries.

                  After-sale Service commitment
                  1 When the products had the technical problems during use, we will give timely answer once get the inform or arrange the technicals give the service to door..
                  2 We offer 3-year free warranty (In the first year, all the cost for warranty is paid by our factory, including the freight which for the broken products reback to the factory and the spare parts sent to the customers. And the next 2years, we will offer the spare parts for free)
                  Remarks: The warranty does not cover the light source.

                  1.Power cables
                  2.Safety cable
                  4.User manual

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