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                  Welcome you back!
                  • 1000W LED moving head profileBack

                  • Model: Exp1000
                  • Voltage: AC110-240V,50/60Hz;
                  • Bulb model: 
                  • Effect wheel: 
                  • Color wheel: 7 fixcolors+white+CMY+CTO.CT:3200-6000K
                  • Gobo: Fixed gobo: 8 gobo + white. Rotationgobo: 6 gobo+ white, changeable
                  • Power: 
                  • IP lever: 20
                  • Voltage: 
                  • Size: 
                  • Function: 
                  • Carton size: 
                  • {$title}

                  The XMlite profile moving head lights was exhibited for the first time in 2017. We are expanding the lineup of profile moving head  product line step by step. 
                  1000W led profile moving head light,use 1000W full power white engine,with the same function
                  as 1400W profile but 20000 hours for the led source.

                  For special function of 180 degree rotation for framed patterns

                  LED profile moving head light; moving head light;Framing light
                  *Below is LED lamp source,CRI is optional ,
                   before place order,pls mark it .

                  Click here for profile

                  Click here for the all xmlite video


                  Channels Mode:37/41CH;

                  Light Source 
                  Lamp:LED 1000W;
                  Life time:20000 hours; Luminous Flux:52000;
                  Total power:1300W;PF≥0.95;

                  Opatical System
                  Output lens size 150mm;
                  Beam angel:5.5-39°,linearzoom;
                  Dimmer :0-100% linear adjustment
                  If customerneed add extra CRI option lens, there will be one color lens been substitute.

                  Color Wheels
                  7 fix color +white+CMY+CTO. CT:3200-6000K

                  Gobo Wheels
                  Fixed GOBO:   8 GOBO + white;
                  RotationGOBO:6 GOBO+ white, changeable;

                  Prism System
                   4 facet prism,,positiveand negative rotation; linear frost function;

                  Control & Screen
                  Display:3.5inch color LCD display, can reverse 180°;
                  Aperture:mechanical linear aperture, adjustable spot size.
                  Cut: 4plates. After cut ,the pattern can rotation 180°.
                  Iris:Disphragm adjustable.
                  Retrievingmagneto electric positioning system has higher accuracy and reliableperformance.
                  USBconnector can set DMX address with power and upgrade the software.
                  Lamp control: electronic bright and blow out, turn off and shut down for 8 seconds,then start the ECO power down mode.

                  PAN & TILT
                  Tilt :270°,8/16Bit;

                  Size & Weight
                  Product size:  480x370x870 mm;
                  Carton box: 580x590x1000 mm;
                  Flycaes: 680x710x940 mm;
                  N.W:  42KG ;
                  G.W:  75 KG(with flycase 1 in 1);

                  1.Power Cables
                  2.safety cable
                  4.User manual
                  5.Hooks( integration)


                  youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvkdDloKZHE&t=31s

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