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                  Welcome you back!
                  • LED Hybrid Moving HeadBack

                  • Model: Exp370
                  • Voltage: 110-240V,50/60Hz
                  • Bulb model: LED170
                  • Effect wheel: 
                  • Color wheel: 9 colors+white
                  • Gobo: 1Fixed gobo+1Rotation gobo
                  • Power: 250W
                  • IP lever: 20
                  • Voltage: 
                  • Size: 19KG
                  • Function: 19 KG
                  • Carton size: 368*267*594mm
                  • {$title}

                  The EXP370 3 in 1 moving head light is equipped with HIGH EFFECTIENCY 170W LED white engine. Even it is only 170W, XMlite tech make it bright enough for 15 meters spot show.Utral effects spot ,30 degree zoom. 2 prisms, 3 facet prism and 8 facet prism due to which the prism effect is substantially clearer.  The light angle is less than 3.5° unlike the commonly available angle of 6°-7 ° in the 3 in 1 light.  The beam strength / sense is stronger.

                  with same library as HOTBEAM280 hybrid moving head light.EXP370 also easy been control

                  and can find a patched library easily

                  Youtube Link:EXP370 VIDEO HERE

                  Mode NO Exp370

                  Channel Mode:16/24CH

                  Light Source
                  Light Source: LED Lamp 170W
                  Life time:20000Hours

                  Optical System
                  Beam angel :   3~30°;
                  Dimmer : 0-100% l inear adjustment ;

                  Gobo Wheels

                  Fixed gobo :   9 gobo + white
                  Rotation gobo:   9 gobo+ white,effect;
                  Gobo size diameter:15.9mm ,image diameter:13mm;

                  Color Wheels

                  9 colors+white

                  Prism System

                  8 facet prism+ 3facet prism,fixed frost function,

                  Control & screen
                  Display:  2.8 inch  screen display, can reverse 180°;

                  USB:USB connector cn set DMX address without power switch on and upgrade the software.

                  PAN & TILT
                  Pan:540°;8 Bit/16 Bit
                  Tilt:270°;8 Bit/16 Bit

                  Electrical info
                  Input voltage range: AC 110-240V, 50/60Hz
                  Total Power: 250W

                  Size & Weight
                  Carton size:  690*360*440mm;
                  N.W: 19 KG;
                  G.W:  22 KG kg(carton box).

                  Flycase G.W.: 73KG

                  Flycase: 860*470*810mm


                  1.Power Cables

                  2.safety cable


                  4.User manual

                  5.Hooks( integration)