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                  Welcome you back!
                  • 600W LED moving head profileBack

                  • Model: Exp600
                  • Voltage:  AC180-240V,50/60Hz;
                  • Bulb model: 600W White LED Engine ;
                  • Effect wheel: 
                  • Color wheel: 5 fix colors+white+CRI+CMY+CTO.CT:2800-5600K
                  • Gobo: Fixed gobo : 8 gobo + white.
                  • Power:  850w
                  • IP lever: IP 20
                  • Voltage: 
                  • Size: 32KG
                  • Function: 855x485x505 mm
                  • Carton size: 
                  • {$title}

                  Exp600 is a small and light full-function LED profile moving head lights. High-efficiency white LED module light source, optical zoom angle 6~42°; two pattern wheels, one rotating 6+1, fixed pattern 8+1; CMY infinite color mixing, fixed color 6+1, CTO linear color temperature; four-piece type Cutting system, the cutting pattern can be turned 180°.

                  XMLITE LED moving head lights has been online since 2017. After years of running-in and improvement, the products are mature and stable. The LED profile movinghead series has a complete product line, in addition to Exp600, there are also the following models:

                  800W spot profile moving head lights【H9】
                  1000W spot  profile moving head lights【Exp1000】
                  800W spot  profile moving head lights【H12】
                  580W facelight profile moving head lights【XF580】
                  *Below is LED lamp source,CRI is optional ,

                  LED profile moving head light, led framing moving head light

                   before place order,pls mark it .

                  Click here for video of EXP600

                  Click here for all XMLITE video

                  Modle:Exp600( 470 HAVE UPDATE TO 600)

                  Channels Mode 37/41CH; 

                  Light Source
                  Lamp: 600W White LED Engine ;
                  Life time:20000 hours;
                  Light Source Luminous Flux:30000;

                  Optical System
                  Beam angel : 6~50°;
                  Dimmer : 0-100% linear adjustment ;
                  Iris: Disphragm adjustable

                  Gobo Wheels
                  Fixed gobo :   8 gobo + white.
                  Rotation gobo:  6 gobo+ white,changeable;

                  Color Wheels
                  5 fix colors+white+CRI+CMY+CTO.CT:2800-5600K

                  Prism System
                  Prism:  4 facet prism ,Frost function;

                  Framing System
                  Cut: 4 plates.Aftercut,the pattern canrotation 180°
                  Position lock system: Magnetism positionlock system

                  Control & Screen
                  Display: 2.8 inch  screen display, canreverse 180°;

                  Connector can set dmx address with power and upgrade the software.

                  Electrical Info
                  Power: AC180-240V,50/60Hz;
                  Total power: 700W;

                  PAN & TILT
                  Pan : 540°;  8Bit/16Bit ;
                  Tilt :  270°;  8Bit/16Bit ;

                  Size & Weight
                  Product size:  410x310x740mm;
                  Carton box: 860x490x510 mm;
                  N.W: 32KG ;
                  G.W: 115KG(with flycase 2 in 1).

                  1.Power Cables
                  2.safety cable
                  3.User manual