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                  Welcome you back!
                  • 1000W LED moving head profileBack

                  • Model: Exp660
                  • Voltage: AC110-240V,50/60Hz;
                  • Bulb model: 660W/1000W LED
                  • Effect wheel: 0
                  • Color wheel:  7 fixcolors+white+CMY+CTO.CT:3200-6000K
                  • Gobo: Fixed gobo: 8 gobo + white. Rotationgobo: 6 gobo+ white, changeable
                  • Power: 
                  • IP lever: 20
                  • Voltage: 
                  • Size: 40.5
                  • Function: 75
                  • Carton size: 
                  • {$title}

                  LED profile moving head light; moving head light;Framing light
                  *Below is LED lamp source,CRI is optional ,
                   before place order,pls mark it .

                  Click here for profile

                  Click here for the all xmlite video


                  Channels Mode:37/41CH;

                  Light Source 
                  Lamp:LED 1000W;
                  Life time:20000 hours; Luminous Flux:52000;
                  Total power:1000W;PF≥0.95;

                  Opatical System
                  Output lens size 150mm;
                  Beam angel:5.5-39°,linearzoom;
                  Dimmer :0-100% linear adjustment
                  If customerneed add extra CRI option lens, there will be one color lens been substitute.

                  Color Wheels
                  7 fix color +white+CMY+CTO. CT:3200-6000K

                  Gobo Wheels
                  Fixed GOBO:   8 GOBO + white;
                  RotationGOBO:6 GOBO+ white, changeable;

                  Prism System
                   4 facet prism,,positiveand negative rotation; linear frost function;

                  Control & Screen
                  Display:3.5inch color LCD display, can reverse 180°;
                  Aperture:mechanical linear aperture, adjustable spot size.
                  Cut: 4plates. After cut ,the pattern can rotation 180°.
                  Iris:Disphragm adjustable.
                  Retrievingmagneto electric positioning system has higher accuracy and reliableperformance.
                  USBconnector can set DMX address with power and upgrade the software.
                  Lamp control: electronic bright and blow out, turn off and shut down for 8 seconds,then start the ECO power down mode.

                  PAN & TILT
                  Tilt :270°,8/16Bit;

                  Size & Weight
                  Product size:  482x371.7x870 mm;
                  Carton box: 580x590x1000 mm;
                  Flycaes: 680x705x940 mm;
                  N.W:  42KG ;
                  G.W:  75 KG(with flycase 1 in 1);

                  1.Power Cables
                  2.safety cable
                  4.User manual
                  5.Hooks( integration)