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                  The advantages of analogy four-color, six-color LED moving head zoom wash light

                  Createtime:2022-06-20   Hits:21

                  Regarding LED moving head zoom wash lights, there are two common light sources: four-in-one (RGBW) and six-in-one (RGBALC). From the appearance, the six-color chip is a chip with two colors added to the four-color basis.

                  Why do you need to develop six more colors when you already have four-color moving head wash lights? That is of course six colors can bring a greater advantage. For example, the four colors are RGB+W, and this W is white light, which has little effect on color mixing. When mixing the target color, it is through the three colors of RGB, which is often referred to as the three primary colors of color light. When the three primary colors are mixed, the defect 1 is that it is difficult for high and low color temperatures to achieve high CRI; defect 2 is the color gamut comparison of the three RGB colors. Narrow, some colors cannot be mixed. The six colors can solve these defects very well, and can achieve high CRI with high and low color temperature. After adding the color management system, when any single color is used, the other five colors can supplement the color, which can improve the brightness of each single color.