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                  Welcome you back!

                  XMlite 1400w profile moving head lights participated in Jingdezhen large scale live performance

                  Createtime:2021-06-22   Hits:509

                  On May 17, Jingdezhen's large-scale live performance "china", as the opening performance of Jiangxi tourism industry development conference, officially premiered and received a warm response.

                  The play "China" mainly tells the history of China's Millennium ceramic culture, the history of world ceramics, the Silk Road, and the history of communication between China and the West.

                  Nearly 300 actors were employed in the performance of "China", including nearly 20 main characters. Among them, there are Tang Xuanzong in the heyday of Kaiyuan, song Zhenzong in Taishan, Marco Polo in his famous travel notes, Zheng He in his seven voyages to the west, Emperor Qianlong in the heyday of the Qing Dynasty, Tang Ying known as the "kiln God", and the Khan kings and envoys of various medieval countries.

                  The most interesting part of the whole play is in the last act of "echo of the Millennium". In this scene, historical figures of all dynasties gather and are awakened like sculptures by a modern Chinese youth. People who have worked for thousands of years in the streets and alleys of the Five Dynasties' porcelain capital, workshops and docks are also awakened. They dance together in the joyful theme song "ceramic planet", Dancing out the vitality and confidence of the Millennium porcelain capital.

                  This play adopts the 1400W high CIR  display and high brightness profile moving head light customized by XMLITE, and the 1400W profile  series launched by XMLITE  in 2017 has been applied in more and more engineering projects, looking forward to the next classic case.

                  This drama adopts the 1400W high CRI display and high brightness profile moving head light customized by XMLITE. The 1400W profile series launched by XMLITE in 2017 has been applied in more and more engineering projects. We are looking forward to the next classic case.

                  Here are the stills: