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                  Welcome you back!

                  XMlite LED Beam Follow Spot light - FS800

                  Createtime:2021-05-02   Hits:1150

                  FS800 is XMLITE a new product in 2021. Why is it named: LED Beam Follow Spot light? Because its light angle is as small as the beam. The below  picture by when we distance 90 meters. The effect is like a straight tube of beam. When the customers saw it and 90% customers liked it.

                  Using long life LED white light source module  . The front optical mirror diameter is 266mm. The angle range is 3.5-11 degrees. The spot size is adjusted manually. The 90 meters minimum angle illumination up to 1100lux. The spot uniformity is high. Linear aperture0-100% , CTO linear color temperature can adjustable, and the dimming curve beyond linearity. High brightness  exceeds   traditional 1500W lamp. Therefor no need to worry about the light source decay , and no need worry about the replace light source cost .