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                  Welcome you back!

                  Xmlite hotbeam 280 moving head lights applied in the performance of Taiwan

                  Createtime:2017-03-23   Hits:2408

                  "Wuyuetian" Team had the performance in Taiwan for 4 nights to cebralate their anniversary of 20 years.

                  It was used more than 100pcs HOTBEAM280 (10r moving head light) from XMLITE.  here are the photos showing.

                  10r Hotbeam 280W moving head light lanuched on 2012 years. it is first item of Xmlite factory.which is the first compay do 3 years guarantee for export market.

                  Since it lanuched , more and more people buy 3 in 1 hybrid moving head light from Xmlite. Every month ,there is over

                  3000pcs moving head light sold to world wide in 62 countries.

                  Xmlite  10r hotbeam moving head light , it is a hybrid moving head lights, combined beam ,spot ,wash 3 in1 function.

                  The most advantage of this item is : it based on a very reasonal price ( cheap price moving head light compare with big light),and multi function. the Brightness is ok. Most important ,it have very clear prism function.which even

                  some very expensive moving head lights can not realized it !

                  Xmlite also produce : 7r moving head light, 9R beam,10R ,17R hybrid moving head light 3 in1 , even profile moving head lights.